Best-known for her breakout role as Kelly Kapowski on “Saved by The Bell” and her time as vixen Valerie Malone on “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Tiffani Thiessen is now host of her own show on the Cooking Channel. Celebrity friends enjoy “Dinner at Tiffani’s” as Thiessen herself prepares her favorite recipes to enjoy with the likes of Ross Matthews, Matt Bomer, Daisy Fuentes, Jason Priestly, Sasha Alexander, Mark Paul Gosselaar and many more.

A renaissance woman

What’s on the menu? Glad you asked. Thiessen makes everything from her BBQ chicken with her family recipe peach barbecue sauce, smoked honey garlic salmon, and creamy caramelized winter squash risotto, to ahi tuna poke, turkey meatloaf, and pulled pork sliders.

Of course, Dinner at Tiffani’s wouldn’t be complete without her custom cocktails — cherry green tea cocktail, prickly pear margaritas, thyme whisky sours, bourbon strawberry lemonades and the list goes on.

But what Thiessen really loves is spending time with her family and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are the perfect way to bring creativity, family time and happiness with her children and husband.

“Her biggest inspiration, bar none, is her children. As they grow, the activities and ideas evolve ...”

A crafty lady

So what are some of the DIY projects she likes to work on with or for her family? “I love making fun, homemade games for the kids,” she says. From indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts to simple, handmade tic-tac-toe games, Thiessen is definitely the creative type.

Her biggest inspiration, bar none, is her children. As they grow, the activities and ideas evolve, but Thiessen just loves to spend time with them and make fun activities that are, quite literally, outside of the box. And the ideas for her projects come from, where else, the internet, namely Pinterest. As she puts it, “Pinterest is chock-full of inspiration.”

Her oldest, Harper, is at an age where she is more into crafts and DIY projects with her mom, so Thiessen takes full advantage of the time they can spend together, since time does go by fast when you’re DIY-ing. Back in February, for Valentine’s Day, Thiessen and daughter Harper created homemade gifts for her classmates. They baked cookies swirled with a pink tie-dye effect. Then they wrapped them in little cellophane bags and labelled them with homemade tags that Harper made herself.

Getting involved

For parents just starting out on family DIY projects, Thiessen’s top tip is research and plan. There is so much information available online that you really have no excuse. If you lack ideas — Google it. If you don’t know what supplies to use — Google it. If you wonder what stores carry what items in your neck of the woods — Google it.

And these are the memories your children will cherish as they grow up. From little projects (like a tic tac toe game) to bigger undertakings (like a scavenger hunt), the internet is your friend and will help you plan and prepare to make it the best experience with your kids. You’ll find videos, online tutorials, step-by-step instructions and plenty of inspiration. Everything is available to set you up to be the family hero.

“Ultimately, the goal is to spend more quality time with your family. This makes for special memories your family will cherish forever.”

Building relationships

Some ideas to get you started — shadow puppet theatre, melted crayon ornaments, bath bombs, custom lava lamps, silk-dyed Easter eggs, bird feeders, jewelry, dino toothbrush holder… you get the idea.

For her adult friends, however, Thiessen offers her own DIY cooking gifts, instead. Her go-to are homemade simple syrups (sugar and water). These are typically used for making fresh (and delicious) cocktails. She always has some on-hand for those fun, last-minute gatherings which make every evening (or afternoon or brunch) better.

Ultimately, the goal is to spend more quality time with your family. This makes for special memories kids (and spouses) will cherish forever. So what are you waiting for? Visit your local craft store (even dollar store) and get DIY-ing.