Many hopes and dreams involve family and while Hispanic Heritage Month is a perfect time to celebrate family traditions, it’s also a perfect time to plan for the future. A fun idea to help in planning is a Family Bucket List.

A list helps define what a family aspires to accomplish and helps make those dreams a reality. As September is also Life Insurance Awareness month, it’s a good time to add Life Insurance to your list to help protect those dreams.

Empowering families

Amy Hilbrich Davis was on the fast track at Eli Lilly when she left her career to start a family. She pored over parenting books and attended seminars in search of “a manual” to balance her life. When she found it didn’t exist, she created her own.  After the birth of her 7th child, Davis rejoined the work force and lured her husband away from his top-level position to deliver a company called Inspiring Moms. Her goal was to provide a resource to empower women.

“People are trained for all kinds of jobs, yet there’s no training to be a mom."

Finding a balance

Davis recently launched a tool on her site called MAP, a customized plan for women to adopt best practices for their lives. The Balance Map builds from a mom’s individual strengths and recommends proven solutions to help her find what works best. “It takes only 15 minutes and there are 63 million unique versions,” said Davis who is also a frequent speaker and consultant to major corporations who want to keep mom employees happy. “People are trained for all kinds of jobs, yet there’s no training to be a mom,” said Davis, who added that both working and stay at-home moms share in the frustration of keeping lives in balance.

Next up, she’s introducing MAPS for men, too.  “We don’t need a new dance,” she said of the quest to balance life. “We just need a few new steps.”