Jeannie Mai compares her organic lifestyle to a new outfit with fresh colors and better quality fabric. “It makes you feel like a better version of yourself,” the host of Fox’s “The Real” and fashion “wearapist” said.

Full-body beauty

Mai used to stock her kitchen with random vegetable oils or peanut butter made with triglycerides and partially hydrogenated fat, but she was amazed when she tried wholesome foods like fresh olive oil.

Now when I look at a peanut butter jar in my pantry, it just has peanuts and salt. That’s it, nothing else. I can’t believe how good it tastes,” she said. “There’s no way I can go back after I’ve tasted what food is supposed to taste like and how my skin is supposed to feel and how my hair brushes out after I’ve styled it with natural ingredients.”


However, the rest of the world isn’t like her pantry, so she plans ahead.

“If I know that I’m going to go somewhere that doesn’t have a selection of healthy, fresh foods for myself, then I’ll pack them,” Mai said. “It absolutely is an investment of your time and money and energy, but it’s worth it.”

Making the switch

Mai cautions against trying to make that investment all at once. “Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to change everything in your bathroom, your bedroom and in your fridge. Start with the things you really care about,” she said.

Mai admits she still uses non-organic hairspray and eye shadow, but replacements for her body soap and lotion were easy to find, and she focused on changing her diet. “It was very fulfilling to switch out my food, and I felt an immediate reaction, so that’s what I chose.”