Prominent organizations and individuals nationwide are doing their part to create a serious dialogue that acknowledges the contributions of Americans of all cultures, genders and ethnic backgrounds.

Renewing a nation

Diversity has been a defining characteristic of our nation since its founding. Now more than ever it is the key to our economic success and our country’s future prosperity. While the image of America as a ‘melting pot’ may appear as an outdated paradigm, the fact is that diversity keeps American ideas, talent and skills fresh— and our nation competitive in the global economy. 

Today, minority business communities are a vital force in our economy. Hispanics are taking the lead on the entrepreneurial front, as owners of over 3.2 million businesses across the United States. In an era where over two-thirds of new jobs are created by small businesses, Hispanic enterprises have become an engine that is fueling our nation’s economic renewal. 

"Thanks to ingenuity, resilience and pure hard work in America, Hispanics have merged and emerged in the mainstream."

Our American society is hinged upon a mixture of various important social and cultural factors. Among the most important are education, technology, health, athletics and art — all areas where Hispanics have a powerful perspective.

A promising future

Perhaps the most accurate predictors of our continued economic prosperity are the education and well-being of our youth. Hispanic youth make up over a quarter of the total elementary and high school students in America, with a 70 percent college enrollment rate, a figure higher than non-Hispanic counterparts.

However, disparities still exist in access to health care, as nearly one in three Hispanic-Americans remains uninsured, a larger figure than any other racial or ethnic group in the country. Those who suffer from chronic diseases are faced with financial burdens that strain individuals, families and communities.

Thanks to ingenuity, resilience and pure hard work in America, Hispanics have merged and emerged in the mainstream. Our nation’s future has never been brighter with new challenges offering new opportunities for us to become more united, more accepting and with every day, a little bit stronger.

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