Television manufacturers and content providers are laying the foundation for the next era of realism in live sports with Ultra HD 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR), which will bring us the most life-like sports action we’ve ever seen.

A new league of demand

Thanks to a new breed of DVRs, you never have to miss a second of sports action again. Not only can the latest DVRs record games to watch later, they can stream those games, live or recorded, to tablets and smartphones via Wi-Fi, anywhere in the world.

"The future of TV no longer exists exclusively in our living rooms; it exists wherever we want it to."

You don’t necessarily need a DVR to stream live TV, though. Small set-top boxes can be purchased to accomplish a similar trick, piping cable or satellite feeds to mobile devices over the internet. Even TV Everywhere apps from cable and satellite providers let viewers catch the action on mobile devices while away from home.

But if watching on a small screen simply won’t do, new portable satellite dishes are now available which can sit on the ground or atop a truck or RV and pipe HD programming to your TV, whether you’re camping in the woods or tailgating in the parking lot.

Going mobile

You don’t have to have a cable-satellite subscription to get great sports anymore. A handful of Internet-delivered streaming TV services offer multiple live sports networks through streaming set-top boxes, game consoles, or a PC, for as little $20 per month—no commitment required. Why pay for home shopping networks when what you really want to watch are your favorite teams? Now you don’t have to.

Sports programming is one of the TV industry’s most valuable assets, and as such, it was held back from internet-delivered TV for a long time. But now that networks and providers are starting to play ball, the future of TV no longer exists exclusively in our living rooms; it exists wherever we want it to.