We caught up with Rosie Pope and husband Daron to discuss their growing family and what expecting parents need to know.

Mediaplanet: What fashion advice can you give to moms-to-be while their bodies are transitioning? 

Rosie Pope: It's important to acknowledge that for most people, no matter how happy you are to be pregnant, it’s not easy to have your body change so dramatically in such a relatively short period of time. It’s also important to remember why it is happening and that it is part of being a great parent to your growing baby. Your body changing is a sign that they are growing as they should and you are doing everything you can to help them.

After this, it’s really a matter of trying to enjoy your new body by wearing things that make you feel good about your new curves—all the while knowing that it really is possible to get back in shape afterwards. Perhaps not easy, but possible.

MP: How do you and your husband juggle being full-time business owners with raising a family?

RP: We try to be in the moment as much as possible and sensitive to our children’s needs. We have four so it’s often clear when one needs a little more attention. We are very strict about making the weekend all about family. We also make sure that one of us is there for the beginning of their day as well as at the end of their day. We often can’t be there together, but making sure they see one of us when they wake up in the morning and before they close their eyes at night is really important.

MP: What tips can you give moms-to-be on how to stay active and healthy during pregnancy?

RP: Remember that the more you stay in shape while pregnant, the easier you will be able to manage delivery and also get your body back afterwards. This doesn’t mean it will make delivery easy, as that depends on so many factors, but it does mean you will have the stamina you need to handle whatever you experience. Pregnant women are very in tune with their bodies, so I encourage them to do the exercise that feels right to them and to avoid anything that feels as though they are pushing too far.

MP: Daron, can you give us a father’s perspective on being a new parent? 

Daron Pope: For the mother, the journey begins the same day she found out she was pregnant. It takes a little longer for a father, as the baby is not growing inside of him. I think it’s important to show a little patience and allow dads to get to know this new baby and adjust to this new role.

Remember, the past 10 months were a period of adjustment that was hard for the man to completely understand. The most important thing is to support your partner; you are a team and you need to communicate together. This is a time two people can either become a lot closer or drift apart. I think it’s important that fathers try really hard to understand this incredible new time and work hard to keep the team in tact.

"Pregnant women are very in tune with their bodies, so I encourage them to do exercises that feel right to them and to avoid anything that feels as though they are pushing too far."

MP: Baby products can be overwhelming, what are newborn essentials parents must have? 

RP: You! You are your newborn’s essential, so try not to worry about all of the products as much as some parents do. It’s hard to think rationally when every little decision seems so huge, but you don’t need a lot to start out. I do think a registry is a great idea that helps your friends and family help support you in this very expensive endeavor. However, I am also a believer in figuring out what type of mum you are and what type of personality your baby has before buying loads of swings and rattles.

MP: What should expecting mothers know about breast-feeding?

RP: While for some breast-feeding can be very easy and enjoyable, for many others it is not simple at the beginning. I think one of the biggest myths around breast-feeding is how easy and natural it is for every one. For most, it’s actually pretty tough and takes a while before it really feels natural. I think breast-feeding is a marvelous thing, but above all I believe in happy moms for happy babies. I don’t believe that breast-feeding will define you as a parent or your child and their achievements. The best thing you can do is trust yourself and remember you are not alone. Ask for help and build your own tribe. If you want to breast-feed, surround yourself with the support you need and be supportive of yourself. If you decide not to or to pump and bottle feed, prioritize the skin on skin bonding achieved in breast-feeding even when you are bottle-feeding. This bonding is one of the most valuable things we can give to our new babies.

MP: What are some of the most bizarre questions you've received from new parents seeking your help?

RP: People like to make fun of bizarre requests because it probably makes us all feel a little more normal. Honestly, I am not sure if I know what bizarre is anymore. I am fascinated by the things people ask, but comforted in the fact that most come from a very good place.