1. Team up: A successful tailgate is all about team work. Delegate tasks and write a pre-game checklist to ensure all facets of the game-day party are covered. 

2. Arrive early: The saying “the early bird gets the worm” couldn’t be truer for tailgating. Plan to be at the venue three to four hours before the big game. Give yourself enough time to grab a good parking spot, set-up, cook, eat and clean-up before the game starts.  

3. Prep, prep, prep: Free up more time for fun by pre-cutting toppings and preparing sauces and fixings ahead of time. You can even get the chili cooking at home and use a thermoelectric cooler/warmer to bring it to the party piping hot and ready to eat. Also be mindful of how you store dairy and meats. Twelve volt thermoelectric coolers ensure reliable cooling and safe storage temperatures for all your food.

4. Know the rules: Football has its rules and so do tailgates. Before loading your keg or two to four of beer, know the stadium rules as some places are more stringent than others and ban glass bottles or require plastic cups. 

5. Power up: Make sure you have power to run a portable radio or T.V. to keep up with the action on the field. Portable power units and 12-volt accessories can be the best way to stay tuned in without draining your car battery.  

6. Get social: There’s no better way to start a conversation or make new friends than sharing a meal and bonding over how far you can go to be the ultimate fan.