Spark a commitment to learning

  • Set daily homework guidelines for children and provide a place for them to study.

  • Let children read to you every day as they learn to read. show them that you are excited and proud about their reading.

  • Help children find ways to learn more about subjects that really interest them. Plan an “educational” side trip during family vacations to connect the child to history.

Develop social competencies

  • Encourage children to use words— rather than just actions—to communicate.

  • Encourage children to develop more skills in areas that interest them.

  • Find ways for children to spend time with people who look, act, think, and talk in different ways.

Affirm positive identity

  • When children are facing problems or difficult times, help them think of all the possible ways they could deal with the situation. then help them pick what they want to do.

  • Encourage children to find inspirational, positive role models.

  • Talk with children about what gives your life meaning and a sense of purpose.