Without question, diabetes is a demanding disease to manage. Try these practical tips to make living with diabetes just a bit easier.

1. Eat healthier

  • Map out a weekly plan for the foods and meals you’ll eat. Use your plan to create your shopping list, then shop to stock up to ensure healthy foods are on hand.

  • Tote a few healthy, portable snacks: apples, dried fruit, nuts, cheese sticks, yogurt or whole grain crackers and peanut butter.

2. Exercise

  • Schedule a walk or resistance training into your morning routine to get it done early.

  • Team up with your spouse, neighbor or co-worker to exercise. Commit to a specific action plan. Offer each other support and encouragement.

3. Check regularly

  • Use your smart phone or an app to set daily reminders when you need to check.

  • Restock your testing supplies at the same intervals and times each week. Carry sufficient supplies.

4. Lower glucose

  • Tie in your medications to a behavior you always do, like brushing your teeth, fixing an evening snack or getting ready for bed.

  • Set up a week of medications in a seven-day pillbox.

5. Prepare for hypoglycemia

  • Carry blood glucose testing supplies to ensure you can check at any time. Know your number and take action if necessary.

  • Have a source of quick and easy-to-eat non-perishable carbohydrate always available. Examples: glucose tablets, a small box of raisins, hard candies or jellybeans.