Gluten intolerance is largely misunderstood and often undiagnosed. As a result, it’s hard to be sure your kids will be eating food that’s safe for them when they go to school. Here are some suggestions for gluten-free morsels to pack for your kids:

1. Banana and nut butter “sandwiches” 

Slice a banana lengthwise and along the cut side spread your favorite nut or seed butter (but be mindful of other children’s allergies). Place the other half of the banana on top like a sandwich, and cut horizontally into bite-size pieces.

2. Tuna and crackers 

Mix tuna with mayonnaise and top on your favorite gluten-free cracker. Top with a pimento olive for a savory, crunchy lunch or snack.

3. Make your own trail mix 

Bring your little ones to the store and let them pick out their favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and other healthy goodies to make their own trail mix that they will love to eat.

4. Make your own mini-sandwiches

Break out of a sandwich rut! Use your child’s favorite gluten-free deli meat, gluten-free crackers, and cheese to create yummy cracker sandwiches. Cut into squares or use a small cookie cutter for a really fun lunch.

5. Fruit kabobs 

Place a variety of cut pieces of fruit on a wooden skewer. Your kids will happily eat the rainbow when it reminds them of a lollypop!

6. Banana PB&J “sushi” 

Spread your favorite nut butter on a gluten-free tortilla. Follow with jelly, jam, or honey as an option. Place a whole banana on top and roll. Cut into slices and arrange like a sushi roll. Chopsticks are optional!

7. Homemade tortilla chips 

On a baking sheet, brush a little melted butter or vegetable oil on a few gluten-free tortillas. Sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar for sweet tortilla chips, or plain salt or your favorite spices for a savory version. Use a pizza cutter to cut into chip-size wedges. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.

8. Apple “cookies” 

Slice apples horizontally ¼ inch thick. Top with your favorite nut butter, shredded coconut, mini chocolate chips, and any other yummy and healthy additions your kids will love.