Sustainable is a popular word, but we prefer regenerative over sustainable. The organic approach of working with nature and focusing on soil health is, indeed, a way to farm, but it’s also an approach to making the planet better today than it was yesterday, every day. This is what we mean by regenerative: perpetual improvement.

Making a change

The global conversation on climate change focuses only on how we can slow down climate change. We often hear such terms like, “reduce emissions,” or “mitigate the effects of climate change.”

"Every choice we make is an opportunity to care for the planet."

Instead, we should focus on reversing climate change because that’s really the only way to keep us on the planet, and because we know it’s possible based on research. Slowing climate change will only keep us on a trajectory to extinction.

A better life

Similarly, “sustainability” is a conservative goal to reach the point where we only do so much harm to ourselves and to the planet that we will be able to survive. Sustainability is often a euphemism for “survivability.” But do we want to simply survive? Or do we want to thrive on Earth, to live the best, healthiest lives we possibly can and to be a benefit to the life around us—and the planet?

We can thrive if we adopt the regenerative organic approach in each of our own lives. Every choice we make is an opportunity to care for the planet. Let’s perpetually improve ourselves and make our planet better today than we were yesterday, every day.