Why is hydration important for active kids? 

Hydration is important for active kids to keep them energized and ready to take on busy days. As kids perspire, their bodies lose water, which can cause dehydration. Water not only helps keep kids and adults hydrated but also aids digestion. Typically, kids should be drinking five to eight glasses of water consistently throughout the day.

What is your advice for parents who are looking to keep their children healthy and hydrated? 

It’s important for parents to act as a good role model for hydration and healthy eating — carry a water bottle with you and pack healthy snacks. Habits start forming at an early age. The more invested you are in living a healthy lifestyle, the more involved your children will be. 

How can parents make hydration more important to their children? 

Always have reusable water bottles around in the car, backpacks, and at home. Make hydration fun, not a chore — with YEW Stuff POP Lights water bottles kids will have fun showing off their favorite designs. The more important a parent makes hydration, the more important it will become for the entire family. 

What is your favorite lunch that you provide for your kids

Kids can be picky, so offer lots of options to choose from. Include healthy fats like nuts and avocado, and snacks like carrots and hummus or apples and peanut butter. Protein like yogurt or hard-boiled eggs are easy to fit into a lunch box and keeps kids interested. Packing lunch in a fun lunch box like YEW Stuff POP Lights lunch boxes that light up will make eating healthy a part of their day that they will look forward to.