Not only is Cat Cora not going to skip breakfast in the morning, she says you shouldn't, either. “You've slept all night, and you need fuel. You need to clear out the cobwebs,” she explains. “Anyone who is hungry is cranky and not happy.”

BEYOND BULLETPROOF: When it comes to breakfast, Cat Cora doesn't believe in trends. Instead, the Iron Chef opts for the simpler route of eggs and greens to optimize energy throughout the day. Photos: Courtesy of The Door

Skip the trends

She isn't a fan of the bulletproof coffee trend as a way to get started in the morning: “Of course I have coffee in the morning, but butter in coffee sounds disgusting to me. I've got to have some protein.” Cora has a few go-to choices, “that can be as simple as a couple of hardboiled eggs or an omelet with some greens in it.

“You don't need to eat a huge breakfast,” she explains, “but something healthy to give you energy to start your day. Whether it's body fuel and brain fuel, don't just drink coffee and power through.”

Steer clear of carbs

That doesn't mean eating just anything, of course. “I really think it's best to avoid heavy carbs, super-fatty foods and anything with sugar unless it is fruit,” says Cora. In other words, eating pancakes, waffles, bacon and sausage can cost you.

“‘Whether it's body fuel and brain fuel, don't just drink coffee and power through.’”

“You are going to crash and burn by lunch,” contends the chef. “Those foods will weigh you down and make you lethargic. They can be indulgences, what you eat for brunch on Sunday, but during the week when we need to be productive, choose healthy meals.”

What about the kids?

FOOD IS FUEL: The consequences of skipping breakfast range from decreased alertness to less memory capacity. Photo: Courtesy of The Door

Getting kids fed and out the door can be challenging, but Cora says it can be done. “On Sunday I'll boil a dozen eggs and mark the box, and then I have them on hand to eat cold or warmed up with some toast. You can make oatmeal in a slow cooker and get ready to leave the house while it's cooking.”

Dealing with picky little eaters just requires some conversation,” she offers. “I tell them, we all have to agree on what's for breakfast this morning. Then, they're more likely to sit down, eat and enjoy it. Kids feel empowered that way.”

What can be tougher is fighting your own impulses. A lot of people say they're not hungry, but that's a mistake. Cora explains, “If you wait until you are hungry, you're probably in the middle of a meeting and can't eat, so at noon you're grabbing for whatever you can get. Encourage yourself to eat a little something.”

Sunshine satiety suggestions

Preparing breakfast doesn't have to be a lengthy production. Here are a few of Cora's suggestions for a quick and nutritious meal that doesn't skimp on flavor.

An omelet with spinach

A healthy, high-fiber cereal like those made by Kashi

A hard-boiled egg

Oatmeal with cinnamon, a little agave, nuts and fruit

Is your favorite breakfast on the table? Let us know in the comments below and tell us how you get your morning cooking.