One of the more difficult parts of planning a trip as a pet owner is deciding what to do with our beloved animal pals. Thankfully, traveling with your pet has never been easier if you plan ahead, and with trusted pet care facilities becoming more common, there are plenty of options if you can’t find a sitter.

1. Be over-prepared

If you’re traveling with your pet, bring extra food to account for any delays, a blanket for airport floor naps, baby wipes, and poop bags (you will always need more than you think). A lint roller, collapsible bowl, water bottle, and your pet’s health certificate are also necessities. Of course, don’t forget to bring a favorite toy and some treats to keep them happy.

2. Book pet-friendly

Call airlines and hotels to find out what they require for traveling animals. If your pet fits in a carry-on, you’ll likely be able to bring them with you on your flight, and there are a growing number of animal-friendly hotels. Pet’s Welcome or Official Pet Hotels are booking websites specifically for finding pet-friendly establishments, and many travel sites like Expedia have added pet-friendly search options.

3. Get travel ready

Before your flight (or car ride), make sure to give your furry friend plenty of exercise and time to empty their bladder. Not only will a good workout help decrease their travel anxiety, they’ll be more likely to nap through most of the trip. Your vet can also provide a sedative for particularly anxious pets.

4. Find a pet boarder

Let’s face it, sometimes your animal just isn’t a traveler, whether they’re too large or maybe just too much of a diva (cats come to mind). Thankfully, the growth of pet hotels and “spas” means your animal can have just as much fun in your hometown while you’re away. Letting your pet socialize with other animals can be the perfect vacation for them.