Summer isn’t just about keeping kids entertained. It’s about making sure the hard work you invested during the school year is maintained.

Everyone needs to recharge, but all young people experience “learning loss” if they don’t engage in educational activities over the summer. What does that mean? Simply put, if a student is tested at the end of summer vacation, they score lower than they do at the beginning of the summer—especially in math.

And the story isn’t just about loss, most children gain weight more rapidly during summer break.There is a bigger social issue here too. The lack of summer learning is to blame for half of the achievement gap between lower and higher income youth. Keeping kids engaged and healthy over the summer requires a superhero.

If you’re ready to put some “kapow" into your summer, keep reading and decide which sunglass-shaded crusader you’ll be.

DRIBBLING OVER DRIVELING: By keeping your kids engaged and active during the summer, you're working to maintain the knowledge they gained during the school year, as well as their overall physical health.

1. Math Maverick

The Math Maverick is always searching for teammates to play jumping-jack math and other learning-based games.

2. DIY Daredevil

The DIY Daredevil will karate-chop screen time and replace it with craft and art projects that get kids inventing, creating and moving.

3. Nature Ninja

The Nature Ninja champions helping kids learn about birds, bees and butterflies. From nature hikes to community gardens and late night stargazing, this superhero disguises summer learning as active family fun that can continue into the school year.

4. Heatwave Hercules

Hercules knows it isn’t just about telling kids to drink more water, but providing creative ways to make water more fun. Fruit-infused water is a great addition to healthy holiday parties and kids will love creating fun ice cubes by freezing pieces of fruit in ice cube trays. A water cup-decorating activity and the addition of silly straws get kids excited to hydrate.

Which summer superhero are you? No matter your interest or superpower, you don’t have to break the bank or spend a lot of time to help children get the most out of their summer. Be creative, have fun and find others to join your team.