CURVES TAKE COMMAND: Your honeymoon is all about the love between you and your significant other. Don’t be afraid of your curves or hide behind them — embrace them.

You’ve walked down the aisle looking like a goddess; all eyes were on you and you stunned. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy some alone time with your partner. But that alone time involves two very dreaded things for plus-size brides: swimwear and lingerie.

Being on your honeymoon involves soaking up rays, having fun and lounging with the one you love. If any of these just gave you heart palpitations, don’t worry because I’m going to share some tips to ease your mind and help you embrace your inner plus-size honeymoon maven.

1. They love you, so you need to love you.

You heard me, your boo married you for you and no one else. They didn’t marry the girl or the body that you keep comparing yourself to. Did you see the way they looked at you while you walked down that aisle? Honey, that isn’t the look from someone who doesn’t want you. That’s the look of someone who wants all of you. Lingerie and swimwear are meant to make you feel and look sexy, but it’s hard to do that when you aren’t feeling confident. So, let’s start there first.

2. Embrace color and prints.

Forget the stale black swimsuit or lingerie. Don't be afraid to incorporate a fun pop of color, designs and textures. And if you do want to go with black, opt for lace, bows and some extra frills to spice it up. If you’re looking for something to show your sexy side in the bedroom, add some shades of red. Or thinking about showing off your softer side? Think pastels. You don’t have to wear all black. Branch out and try some bold, fun patterns. Plus, patterns keep the eye moving so people don't focus on one particular area but rather focus on the whole body.

3. Step outside your comfort zone.

Yes, most curvy women gravitate toward one-piece suits but there are so many other options. Try bikinis. If you opt for a high waist bottom it will give you a bit more coverage and support. If you like one-pieces, try ones with mesh over the bust area. This is a great way to show off some skin without exposing everything. Cutouts below the bust are also a sexy (and flattering) way to explore different styles.

4. Remember, it’s all about the perfect fit.

Size is everything when dealing with swimwear and lingerie. Some think that going with smaller size makes you look slimmer, but darling, let me tell you it doesn’t. Instead, choosing the right size will not only flatter you more, but trust me—you will be way more comfortable. Just think about how you feel when you try to squeeze in those jeans that are from two summers ago. Don’t nobody got time for that. The right size should highlight your best assets and hide the negatives.