Annually, autumn offers us a refreshing change from the long days of summer heat. Bright colors, barbeque and sunscreen are quickly replaced by foliage hues, pumpkin spices and warm layers of clothing.

By no means does the fun and adventure have to stop when the temperature begins to drop. There are countless fun, exciting things to do exclusively during this time of year. Here are our top suggestions:

1. Plan a road trip

There is perhaps no simple beauty quite comparable to the colorful leaves of red, orange and yellow as trees prepare to shed their leaves. You don’t need to go far to enjoy this sight, so pack up a picnic lunch and go for a long drive down country roads for a scenic adventure.

2. Become a fan

Cheering fans, friendly competition and hot chocolate are just a few of the best parts of going to a live football game. Plan a trip to the week's Monday Night Football game, to your alma matter’s homecoming or even just a local high school game. Either way, you’ll end up feeling very “fallish.”

3. Get picky

Instead of simply picking up your seasonal favorites at the super market, arrange a trip to an apple orchard or pumpkin farm and pick your own produce! It’s a ton of fun, and guaranteed to make taking that first bite even more satisfying.

4. See floats

Take a break from your typical Thanksgiving plans that usual consist of just food, food and more food. This year, enhance your plans by making a trip to see a live parade before you pig out. Nothing will get you in the holiday spirit more than festive floats, marching bands and giants balloons.

5. Get spooked

Goblins, ghosts and ghouls! With Halloween in the air, it’s fun to get frightened. Take a trip to a haunted house, haunted hayride, or listen to some ghost stories.  Or, if scary movies are more your thing, it might be worth checking out a movie like The Visit or Crimson Peak. It’s all in good fun… as long as it’s just pretend.