The statistics are real. On average, every three weeks a child dies from a TV tipping over. And research indicates a child is rushed to the emergency room every 45 minutes in the United States, which is less time than it takes to watch an episode of Sesame Street. Here are some suggestions to avoid being part of the statistic.

1. Safety check

First things first, check the stability of all TVs in your home: both flat-panel and tube-style TVs apply. Unsecured TVs can cause injuries regardless of TV size and shape. In fact, a TV can fall with the force of thousands of pounds. That is 10-times more powerful than being hit by a NFL lineman.

2. Review your list

For tube TVs, move them to a low, stable piece of furniture. If you use this TV infrequently you can recycle it at no cost to you, learn where you can do this at

Flat-panels TVs may seem less of a danger for children, however, flat-panels are top-heavy on a slim base which makes them very unstable. Curious toddlers are unaware of the dangers and they have the highest risk with two-thirds of TV and furniture tip-over fatalities. The best way to secure these TVs is to mount them on the wall. If this is not an option, anchor the TV to the piece of furniture it is sitting on or to the wall.

3. Secure unruly cables

Make note of what you found during your safety check. TVs are the first issue, but this is also an opportunity to address any cables that could provide temptation. Make sure to manage cables either behind the wall, on the wall with a cable cover or tuck safely inside of a piece of furniture.

4. TV safety is mounting 

The best way to reduce the risk of a TV tip-over is to mount your flat-panel TV into the studs in your wall.

5. Choose your mount wisely

It is best to choose a mount that has been safety tested to hold it’s advertised weight capacity. Look for third party verification on the TV mount box.

6. Ensure proper TV mount installation 

You only need a few simple household tools to mount your TV, but the important thing is to find your studs. There are many easy-to-install products on the market, but if you are uncomfortable there are affordable professional installers as an option as well.

7. Spread the word

Remember when you did not even know TV tip-overs were a threat? Us too. In fact, only 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. have secured their TVs. This is why it is so important to discuss with friends and family who have young children in the home. It can only take seconds for an injury to happen, but put in an hour of work and it is one less thing to worry about when spending quality time with your family at home.