While it may be relatively easy finding motivation to get fit right after New Year’s – it’s a new start, the holidays are over and there’s nothing standing in the way of a healthier lifestyle – it’s maintaining that motivation that gets tricky as winter wears on and short days, cold weather and cozy nights take over.

Use this guide to learn more about the most popular workouts today, and how you can fit them into your fitness and weight loss preferences.

Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga, also known as anti-gravity yoga, is a challenging and often beautiful practice. It involves holding yoga poses while suspended in the air by a hammock, adding a whole new level of difficulty and resistance to traditional yoga.

Pros: This form of yoga is especially effective in muscle strengthening and toning.

Cons: It may be difficult for those with poor balance (although balance can always be practiced). It is also not recommended for anyone with heart disease or abnormal blood pressure levels.


Crossfit is a fitness program that’s equal parts philosophy and sport. It combines high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell lifting, calisthenics, strongman, and more.

Pros: For those who stick to it, it is very effective. There are also communities throughout the country to keep devotees motivated.

Cons: It is very difficult and not for the faint of heart—the fervently dedicated community can also be a bit too much for some.



Whether you're biking to work or sweating in a studio, both studio and outdoor cycling can be an excellent cardiovascular workout, with secondary benefits to the muscles in your legs, core and arms.

Pros: Cycling is a natural way to get in some interval training, which is great for your heart. Particularly if you’re indoors, you have control over how hard you want to ride and can work up to more challenging workouts.

Cons: Outdoor cycling can have certain risks, the most serious of which are accidents. Be safe when you’re out on the road with vehicles and other bikes.



Rowing machines provide a low impact workout that works the entire body. Recently, boutique group rowing classes have become available to those looking to get in on this trend with more oversight.

Pros: This is a total body workout that has a low risk for injury and is very effective for weight loss.

Cons: It can get a bit repetitive for those who enjoy variation in their workouts.



Barre is a workout based on classic ballet positions. It challenges the core and lesser-known muscles throughout the body, combining elements of dance, yoga and Pilates.

Pros: Have you ever wanted to feel like a ballerina? Barre workouts are fun and unique. You will also get a full body workout.

Cons: Depending on where you choose to practice, these workouts can get pricey.