Eating a gluten-free diet is very manageable when traveling. I always aim to prepare a few snacks ahead of time to take with me to help mitigate the chances of ending up with a growling stomach and only fast food restaurants in sight. But eating out is also doable and enjoyable.

Step by step

Always courteously tell the server or the kitchen that you are gluten-free and dairy-free, and then modify items from there. A lot of restaurants are now starting to offer gluten-free menus, but if not, make sure your server is informed and can help guide you.

Some of the top items you may find in restaurants that contain grains and gluten are:

  • Soy sauce

  • Thick sauces

  • Salad dressings

  • Mayonnaise and mayo-based salads or sauces

  • Breads, pastas, beer, tortillas, etc.

What to order

  • American: My go-to is a bun-less burger. If the restaurant offers it lettuce-wrapped, I’ll get that, as it adds a little crunch and extra nutrients. I always ask for avocado and bacon on top and for a side of veggies.

  • Asian: These restaurants can be tough to navigate around my food sensitivities, but if I see curries that have coconut milk as a base on the menu, I get that, as they are generally gluten-free. Also be sure to ask for MSG free.

  • Italian: Go for the most appealing dish that has protein and vegetables and always make sure that the sauces are wheat-free.

  • Mexican: Order fajitas, but skip the beans, rice, and tortillas and opt for more veggies or get a burrito in a bowl.