What do you prioritize when it comes to organizing your closet?   

There is no one prioritization method per se. Generally speaking, you want easy access to garments and articles you use regularly. It really comes down to a person’s lifestyle and vocation. For example, a male corporate executive needs immediate access to his shirts, suits and ties. A woman executive has the same needs with her own suits, blouses and skirts.

On the other hand, someone with a more casual dress code at work can place garments like suits or their weekend wear in a more distant quadrant. The key is organizing in groups and by color for easy access and uniformity.

Which articles of clothing should be placed on a hanger?

Virtually all garments can be placed on a hanger, which is why different hanger styles and sizes exist. One example is a “broad shoulder” hanger for coats that supports the weight and preserves the shoulder silhouette. The same applies to suits.

Slacks can be folded over or hung using a clip-style hanger similar to what we see in retail stores. When slacks are folded over, a hanger with a “flocked velvet” bar is an excellent choice as it prevents creasing. For more delicate clothing, special “fabric padded” hangers and/or accessorized hangers with notches and non-slip qualities are designed for items like sweaters, lingerie and camisoles.

How often should a closet be reorganized?

I would say every 4-6 months. We live in a fast-paced world and keeping our closet organized isn’t always on top of the list!

How do you maximize space in a small closet?

This can be tricky because you need thicker hangers to protect your garments. Using thinner hangers where applicable is an easy fix. A good rule of thumb is limiting clothing in your closet to what you actually wear. It may sound obvious, but most people rarely use 20 percent or more of what’s in their closet on a regular basis — if at all.

You can also install an additional rod in your closet, allowing you to double your space by hanging jackets and shirts on top, with pants and skirts on the bottom. Items like sweaters or jeans can be folded in drawers to save space, or shelving can be installed for items like handbags.

What are the best hangers to use to avoid a messy closet?

With 90 years in the hanger business, we’ve learned there is a hanger for every garment.  Begin there. Probably the single biggest reason for a messy closet is the lack of uniformity. In other words, you need to have hangers of the same color and similar style. Closets are part of your home and should be designed as you would any other room to reflect your individual style.