So you’re considering installing a new alarm system to protect the people you love, the property you value, or the business your employees and customers depend on. Good for you.

Getting started

If you have your system professionally installed, it will be set up for professional monitoring. But maybe you’re considering one of the “DIY” systems available at home services retailers or online, and you plan to save a little money and try to monitor your alarms yourself. Have you really thought about what that will mean?

Consider this. You’re out of town, at dinner, or just sleeping, and you miss the alert on your phone that there’s a break-in at your house. You won’t have to worry about that when your system is professionally monitored. Your alarm company has trained professionals looking out for you 24/7. That company is also known to your 9-1-1 center and the appropriate systems are in place to respond to your alert.

“There are many types of monitoring beside fire and burglary.”

Types of security

There are many types of monitoring beside fire and burglary. Companies can monitor water levels, temperature, medical devices, carbon monoxide and more. Some even maintain important relations with public safety organizations — the police, fire, sheriff and emergency medical service organizations in your state and community. These first responders partner with professional monitoring companies to make sure citizens receive appropriate responses to critical events.

Ready to connect with a professional monitoring company? Here’s something important to look for – Five Diamond Certification. This status is granted annually, to companies that meet the highest levels of professionalism, training, and expertise in the industry. Companies must satisfy all of the requirements of the five points of excellence, which are commitment to: operator training; random inspection by a testing laboratory; industry standards; reducing false dispatches; and customer service. For your security and peace of mind, choose a monitoring company that is staffed by trained, knowledgeable professionals with equipment and systems that meet the highest standards.