“I often remind myself to remember what I felt like at their age,” says Candace Cameron Bure, who has three teens — daughter Natasha and sons Lev and Maks — with husband, former hockey player Valeri Bure.

Family first

For Cameron Bure, family is always her focus.

“I want my kids to know that I’m there for them and will love them no matter what, just like I knew with my parents,” she says. “We are raising them to put in the time and effort, work hard and not take shortcuts, just like my parents taught me.”

The actress, who as a kid played D.J. Tanner on TV’s “Full House,” is proud of her experience as a child working in an adult world.

“I learned to think critically, take direction and make mature decisions at a young age,” she says. “I learned how to interact and participate in conversations with adults, stand up for myself, even if I was the little one, and not be afraid to ask questions.”

“We reserved the right to check their phones and computers randomly, at any time, and we do.”

Modern parenting

Technology is a concern for Cameron Bure, who says while the internet is a helpful tool, it’s also a potential source of danger, including pornography, as well as the misuse of time and “distractions of games, chats and social networking.”

She says tech can deter kids from real life communication, noting “they’ve become more comfortable with texting and finding their confidence behind a keyboard, instead of learning to interact with different personalities face to face.”

When her children were younger, Cameron Bure set parental controls and used security features on their devices. Nowadays she and her husband give the kids rules and guidelines.

“We reserved the right to check their phones and computers randomly, at any time, and we do,” she says. “This helps keep our kids accountable to themselves and us. If the rules aren’t followed, we follow through with consequences.”

Boundaries are based on what works for the family, not necessarily what’s popular.

“For example, if they aren’t home by curfew, they will not have access to the car for several weeks or be able to hang out with friends until that period is over,” Cameron Bure says, explaining follow through is critical.

An author and inspirational speaker, she advises moms and dads, “Take a deep breath before you speak.”