Whether you’re finally creating the kitchen of your dreams in your new home, or updating a tired looking space to help make your property more appealing to potential buyers, one factor you’ll have to consider is your budget.

Here are five tips to help homeowners determine how much their kitchen remodel will cost:

  1. Depending on size, taste and materials, the price of a remodel can range from $25,000 for a budget-friendly kitchen to $100,000 or more for custom kitchens with high-end finishes and the latest in technology.
  2. Determine your priorities. If you are a passionate home cook and looking for high performance appliances, budget for them. If a basic range will do, allocate the savings to other areas of the space that are important to you.
  3. Cabinetry and hardware generally run about 29 percent of your investment, appliances and ventilation 14 percent and countertops typically account for 10 percent of the overall cost.
  4. On average, installation represents about 17 percent of the budget.
  5. Budget your time as well as your money. A professional designer or installer will be able to provide you with an honest and realistic timeline for your new kitchen.