An American wildlife biologist and nature conservationist, Corwin has travelled the world. By foot, by land or by sea, Corwin has checked most things off everyone’s bucket list. From diving a coral reef to spotting grizzly bears in their natural habitat, adventure is his middle name.

Always be prepared

A seasoned adventurer, Corwin knows what gear to pack when exploring: “First, consider the destination. Wear appropriate footgear and dress for the elements. Will you be walking through rocky terrain and need ankle support, or will you be casually strolling through a grassy knoll? Breathable and wicking material are best. Dress in layers. Think about changing temperatures; will you be dealing with sun and snow in the same day?”

Corwin actually advises you to also bring your modern-day tech devices: “Smartphones can be incredible tools and bring out your more adventurous side. Not only can it help keep you safe by providing your location and tracking your moves on a map, but it offers a communication tool, an encyclopedia and allows you to document the experience in real time. Just don’t be afraid to put it down and take in the sights sans camera.”

“From the coastline to the endless wilderness, there are few places on Earth left untouched like Alaska.”

Northwestern exposure

The Northwest Pacific Coast is Corwin’s favorite place to travel — from Monterey, California, all the way up to Sitka, Alaska. “For people who love adventure, who love breathtaking landscape — who love incredible wildlife that lived practically unchanged for millennia — Alaska for me is that place,” Corwin says. “The cherry on the top of the rich, delicious American sundae is Alaska.”

Alaska offers its visitors a unique and unmatched experience. From the coastline to the endless wilderness, there are few places on Earth left untouched like Alaska. Some of the most incredible wildlife roam free — from bears (black, grizzly, Kodiak and polar) to moose, caribou, bison and even orcas.

BEST PLACE TO BE: According to Corwin, Alaska is the best place to travel, with its breathtaking scenery and an abundance of wild animals. Plus, there's not many people to disturb your adventures.

Two if by sea

Travelling across Alaska by land is one thing, but visiting by ship or boat is a completely different experience. While filming his TV show “Ocean Treks”, Corwin and his team were able to visit the last great North American frontier by vessel and enter remote fjords — something not easily done by land.

Corwin considers Sitka to be his second home: a small town with a population of less than 10,000 on the western coast of Baranof Island in Alaska. It is where he is happiest; fly-fishing for steelhead trout, hiking in the mountains while looking for bears or collecting wild porcini mushrooms.

ENVIORNMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Corwin is careful to treat the enviornment with respect, so that the enviornment can continue to gift people with plenty of unforgettable experiences.

Big memories, no footprint

For Corwin, the most important thing you can do when exploring is to leave no trace of your visit. Whether a national or neighborhood park, you have the responsibility to leave it as you found it. “Walk away with a remarkable memory of a lifetime,” he says, “but leave that experience as pristine as when you found it so someone else can have that memory as well.”

The world is changing. It’s up to us and our children not only to appreciate its beauty but leave it as in-tact as possible. The best way to protect the wild is to fall in love with it, and the best way to love something is to understand it. So, get out there, explore and experience nature.