When it comes to eco-friendly decisions, our consumer choices may be the most powerful statement of support for our planet we can make.  

MP: Have you always lived an organic life?

Josie Maran: I’ve always been pretty eco-minded. I grew up in a family where we were conscious of the food we ate, especially being aware of chemicals and pesticides. Therefore, we lived an organic lifestyle as much as we could. I am grateful for learning about this growing up, because it’s instilled a natural behavior in me, which has lead me to want to share this knowledge through my company.

MP: How do you teach your kids about the importance of organic living?

JM: Kids learn by doing and seeing by example. We talk about why it’s important to eat healthy and organic, because it’s not only better for you but for the planet. My daughters also go to a Waldorf school where organic living is at the core of everything they do, so they have it in their whole life rather than just in one part.

MP: What is your morning beauty routine?

"My tip would be to get really clear on what you actually need and love in your life." 

JM: I drink a delicious organic green juice for inner beauty first thing in the morning. As far as my morning skincare routine goes, I start by washing my face with my argan cleansing oil. From there, I use my argan milk, my argan face butter and my 100 percent pure argan oil. To give my skin more of a glow, I apply my Argan daily moisturizer SPF 47 Protect-and-Perfect. For an extra pop of color, I top with an argan color stick on my lips and cheeks. My products are designed to be really easy and really yummy for the skin.

MP: Are there any types of chemicals or additives you recommend people to avoid?

JM: I avoid synthetic fragrances (I believe these are one of the biggest toxins on the planet), parabens, petro chemicals, and of course GMOs.

Mediaplanet: What inspired you to create an organic makeup line?

JM: I created Josie Maran Cosmetics with one overarching goal in mind: to help reinvent the planet to its full potential. I was born with this mission. I was a model for many years, when I was in the makeup chair I would ask for healthier makeup options and was always told it was impossible.

Knowing how big the cosmetics industry is, and knowing that I wanted healthier, high-end choices, I was sure others would too. I saw that creating my own organic cosmetics was my path. I thought if I did it well that my company would be the perfect platform to help reinvent the planet to its full potential. Eight years after launching my line, we are doing well and are investing in some amazing initiatives designed to help nurture and transform our amazing planet.

MP: What tips do you have for people trying to live an organic lifestyle?

JM: Choosing to live an organic lifestyle is extremely fulfilling and brings so many benefits to one’s life. My tip would be to get really clear on what you actually need and love in your life. From there, you can then recreate your life around those things, choosing the highest quality products made with the highest quality ingredients. This helps ensure that your life isn’t weighed down by things that don’t support your well-being and overall joy. What you put in and on your body truly does affect your health.