From Barbie to tabloid covers, girls are taught from a young age through adulthood to prioritize external beauty. But what if we changed the dialogue?

Elisa Goodkind, co-founder of StyleLikeU, sheds light on today’s body empowerment issues that have plagued society for centuries and aims to change this very dialogue.

Her goal is to show the true meaning of style, and how one’s world can change when they accept their own personal style from the inside out instead of accepting what traditional media throw at us.

Uniqueness is style

The idea behind the movement is to redefine beauty. In order to begin, we need to separate fashion from style. Beauty is not directly correlated with what you wear or how you look. Rather, beauty is directly proportional to how accepting of yourself you are, including every perfect little flaw.

“Our message is that you are beautiful. Being yourself is what makes you unique, singular, unrepeatable — and that is beauty. If you accept yourself as you are, that is what makes you beautiful,” Elisa explains passionately.

“‘Beauty is not something that is one-dimensional,’ says Elisa. ‘Be unapologetically yourself.’”

Shamelessly you

Be you, be amazing, because beauty does come from the inside. And the more comfortable you are with you — all of you — the sexier and more awesome you actually are.

Self-acceptance is not an easy thing to talk about, nor is it an easy thing to teach. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we need to be a certain way, so everyone tries to conform. It’s a heavy, important topic that needs to be discussed with, and by, everyone. Only once we feel empowered by our own self-acceptance will we truly be able to live in a different, better world.

“The struggle is the beauty and the struggle is the strength. Beauty is not something that is one-dimensional,” says Elisa. “Be unapologetically yourself.”