For Chris and Heidi Powell, helping people lose weight on ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss" has meant finding creative ways to encourage healthy eating and exercise. They've also learned how to encourage this same positive behavior at home with their four children.

"The very first thing is to lead by example," says Heidi. "One thing we realized is that kids don't want to do what you say—at all; kids actually want to do what you do."

Looking up

For the Powells, that means eating healthy foods and working out in their home gym. "When we tell them to do it, they don't want to, but when they see us out in the garage doing it ourselves, naturally the entire family gravitates toward the gym. The same goes with the food. They're going to want to eat what you're eating."

Chris also thinks the home environment has to help—not hinder—healthy living. "You should first create an environment for success. Clean out all of the foods in the house that are slippery-slope foods and rearrange the house so it's a little more conducive to movement. That's one of the biggest things."

Making it easy for their kids to eat healthy is one of the couple's main priorities. "Our refrigerator is full of Tupperware of clean, diced fruits and vegetables, so it's ready for them to eat," Heidi explains. "When they want a snack, that's there. If that's not there, they're going to the pantry where the fruit snacks are that aren't nearly as healthy. 

FOLLOW THE LEADER: In leading by doing, the Powells are able to get their children to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing healthier foods and staying active.

Hungry minds

Chris says one thing he found on "Extreme Weight Loss" is that many of the people who appear on the show have been on restrictive—and ultimately destructive—diets since childhood.

"What we learned for our kids is that we don't completely deprive them of foods. If they want junk food, it's really important they eat something healthy first or do an exercise circuit. If we try to restrict them, the moment they have access to these foods they're going to eat them, because it's just human nature to want what you can't have."

Though eating right and exercising can be challenging, Chris says the results are worth it. "We see people learn to love themselves."