Whether she’s at home in Los Angeles or working on a project in New York, Mowry, who travels often, focuses on her health and wellness.

“How can you be the best mom, wife, friend — and the list goes on and on — if you don’t care for yourself?” she asks. At 38, Mowry admits she only started taking care of herself in her mid-30s.

Dry skin relief

The star of the Cooking Channel’s “Tia Mowry at Home,” which debuts its third season on Sunday, January 8, Mowry has eczema, a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes itchy skin and rashes. The skin problem runs in her family, affecting her mother and her son, Cree Taylor.

Her eczema is triggered by weather changes — while she’s traveling and during periods of stress. She recalls during 2011, while promoting her book, “Oh, Baby!,” her eczema flared up and in a new spot — on her hands.

“My hands started to peel,” she says. “It started as red bumps, and it itched. It was embarrassing. You never know when it’s going to show up. I even had minor flare-ups on my face.” Mowry, who also has endometriosis, consulted with her dermatologist and her gastroenterologist. Then, through trial and error, she tried different skin creams and cleansers. She found relief in a new regimen that included an effective healing lotion.

'“Especially when winter is coming, I use moisturizer right after I get out of the shower.”'

“It’s not greasy and it helps soothe the uncomfortable pain and itching,” says Mowry, who is now a spokesperson for Eucerin. She logs her schedule and eating and drinking habits in a journal so she can track what triggers her skin flare-ups.

“Get to know your body and really try to figure out and understand when and why these flare-ups happen,” she recommends.

Winter skin care

Mowry protects her face, hands and body with a daily skincare routine. “Especially when winter is coming,” she stress, “I use moisturizer right after I get out of the shower. She also washes her face with a cleanser. “I find my skin stays nice and smooth, especially my hands.”

Mowry also makes sure her son’s skin is soft and smooth, too, with some added fun: “Every morning and every night, I moisturize my son. What makes it entertaining — and I’ve been doing this with him ever since he was a baby — I give him nice massages.

“It’s not just lather, lather, lather,” she adds. “I really make a moment out of it. I take the time to massage his feet, massage his hands and massage his whole body. It became a routine now, so once it become a routine, it becomes habit.”

One of Mowry’s biggest health and beauty tips is staying hydrated. “Drink lots of water,” she says, calling herself, “a true advocate of wellness.” Her upcoming clean-eating cookbook, “Whole New You,” will be released in spring 2017.