The adage may be that April showers bring May flowers, but when it comes down to it, much of America sees a lot of rain throughout the summer months. As the producer of 57 local home shows, Marketplace Events helps connect two million homeowners a year with industry experts who will work to keep their homes comfortable, safe, and most importantly, dry.

If the thought of water damage has you on edge this season, there are three areas of your home you should consider.

1. Keep Your Eaves Clean

Dirt and debris can collect in your eaves (or gutters), making it difficult for water to pass through them. If the falling rain cannot pass through your eaves and away from your roof, it will spill over. This can lead to shingle damage and leaking. Taking some time every few months to clean out your eaves, or investing in an eave or gutter guard, can help save you from some big expenses in the future.

2. Extend Your Downspout

Clean eaves can only do so much. You must also make sure that your downspout extends at least six inches away from your home. Do not let water pool and collect where your eaves end; this can lead to moisture in your foundation and basement. Instead, direct it well away from your property with a secure and sizeable downspout.

3. Get the Right Grade

Your lot plays an important part in keeping your home dry. Which way do your flowerbeds and the area around your home slope? You want to make sure the water your downspouts direct away from your property doesn’t end up rolling back towards it due to the grading of your land.