Regardless of whom the gift is for, if your child has access to it, it’s critical that you also put some safeguards in place to prevent injury. Here are a few gifts and issues to consider:

1. Flat screen TVs

What guy doesn’t want a new flat screen TV to complete his man cave? But TV tip-overs are becoming an increasing danger to kids. In fact every 45 minutes a child visits the emergency room, and 1 child dies every 3 weeks because of a TV tip-over. Mount flat screen TVs to the wall to reduce the risk of TVs toppling off stands. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you protect your wall and have a secure fit.

2. Perfumes

An expensive bottle of perfume or even scented lotions are a great gift for mom but be sure they’re locked away from little ones, as they are poisonous if ingested. There are over 500 potential chemicals that can be used under the single name “fragrance” found on the label of perfumes and colognes. Install cabinet locks on both bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

3. Toys

Kids will be begging parents for all the hottest toys they see online this season but, if you have young children in the house, beware of toys that require button batteries. Unfortunately many of today’s most popular toys require these small, coin-like lithium batteries, which are responsible for more than 2,800 visits to emergency rooms after one has been ingested. That’s equivalent to one child every three hours.

4. Exercise equipment

It’s great having exercise equipment in your home to help keep in shape, but teach your little ones these aren’t toys. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 7,800 kids below 5 years of age suffer from serious injuries caused by wrong setup or storage of home gym exercise equipment. Some of the most common causes of injuries are weights rolled or dropped on children, treadmills that users haven’t turned off or visible power cords that may cause strangulation or electrocution. Look for equipment that has child safety locks and can’t be turned on without a key.