The summer travel season is nearing, which is good news for overworked, stressed-out families, out-of-school children—and burglars. Before you go, you'll want to make sure you've done everything you can to protect yourself from would-be thieves.

1. Keep up appearances

Make it look like someone is at home. Have family and friends water plants and pick up the newspapers and door hangers or flyers.

2. Go postal

Don’t let the mail pile up. The United States Postal Service will hold your mail from 3 to 30 days, and it doesn't cost you a thing.

3. On lock

Check all windows and access points. Locking your home makes it less attractive to thieves. Don’t forget the doggie and cat doors.

4. Guard your garage

Turn off your garage door so a thief can't open it with a universal remote.

5. Stay trim

Don't put off mowing the lawn either. Cut the grass before you leave and have it cut while you're gone.

6. Show off, later

Wait until the vacation is over before you head to social media to make your friends jealous. Don't post or allow family members to post your vacation plans on social media. The less information you put out, the less likely it will get to the wrong people.

7. Power up by shutting down

Disconnect the power to some of your electronics, to save you money and remove the worry that left them on by mistake.

8. Eye in the sky

Install a home security system that will text or send alerts when someone moves in front of it, and the National Neighbor Watch program has an interactive video alerting system with professional monitoring to dispatch law enforcement while you are away. It can also be installed by your neighbors by creating a shared "neighborhood system" that can send video alerts on outdoor activity to specific members for review, preventing crime before it happens.