Wendi Cooper can't remember a time when her bowel movements were normal. By the age of nine, the problem became too much to handle.

“It was awful,” explains the 60-year-old CEO and entrepreneur. “Besides my regular difficulty going—I would sit until my legs turned blue—I never said anything to my parents until Girl Scout camp, when, in the middle of the night, I didn't know what was wrong with me other than my belly was big and I needed Mommy. I was rushed to the hospital and it was discovered that I was seriously impacted.”

A lifelong struggle

Fast forward to 2005, when Cooper was diagnosed with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer. As part of her treatment, Cooper underwent five taxol carbo-platinum chemo infusions, which she says nearly killed her.

"Good health, a great life, a happy life all start in the gut and our elimination process."

“The combination of steroids, pain medication and chemo is horrific. What contributes to poor digestion also is inactivity. With the type of chemo I had, as the treatments went on, I became weaker and weaker, as did every cell in my body. Chemo kills the good and the bad, and what it does to your digestive tract is the same.”

A self-made businesswoman, Cooper has developed products, including a juice-fasting cleanser, to help ease digestive discomfort. She notes the plethora of enemas, colonics and other remedies on the market.

“I believe a good diet, exercise and elevating the feet while on the toilet is the best and most effective, long-term solution. You'd be surprised at how changing your position can move your bowels easier and give full elimination for the bladder, also.”

Inspiring others

A survivor of domestic violence, a double mastectomy and more than a dozen surgeries, Cooper believes she's here for a reason.

“That reason is to give back, to share, to do whatever I can with what I have to make one life better. Good health, a great life, a happy life all start in the gut and our elimination process. It's something we all do. No one wants to talk about it. I am not embarrassed to share my story to help others.”