My child, a twin, lost her life 15 years ago when she strangled on the hidden inner cord of a window blind. It would be an understatement to say that I take window-covering safety seriously. So much so, that I started a non-profit charity.

“It can’t happen to me”

For years, I have been hearing from parents who have experienced similar tragedies, asking me what they could have done to prevent the needless loss of life of their children. Losing sleep over this is nothing new, and the most recent avoidable tragic event happened to a mother who used safety devices approved by third-party testing labs.

A mother wrote to tell me her daughter had passed away. She had used a safety-cord cleat which was installed over 4.5 feet above the floor and had a breakaway cord consolidator on a product manufactured in 2015 that passed the most recent “stringent national safety standard,” put out by the industry.

“Children continue to strangle every two weeks in this nation due to lethal cords.”

This child climbed up on the windowsill, grabbed the top of the cord that led into the safety cleat and pulled on it as she fell down. She caught her chin underneath the U-shape it created as the window blind rose up, creating the slack that gave the child more lethal cord to strangle on. When the mom came into the room, the bottom portion of the cord was still wrapped in the cleat, and her daughter was hanging against the wall.

These devices tested for safety failed.

The certification to look for

We have challenged the industry and retailers to #GoCordless on window coverings. Children continue to strangle every two weeks in this nation due to lethal cords. For over 10 years, cordless products have been awarded for passing our first class safety criteria, so consumers can know which products are safe. Look for our seal on products in stores.

Cordless products are more cost effective than ever starting at $10 per window. Join the #GoCordless movement and create a safe home for your children, grandkids, and little visitors.