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How the DMV Helps Shape Young Drivers

Whether you are applying for your first driver license or have decades of driving experience, the DMV offers a variety of helpful tools and programs designed to meet your changing needs.  

The California Driver Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the rules of the road. The handbook also contains information about road signs, insurance responsibilities and safety tips. You can download the handbook onto your personal electronic devices with a free app from the eBook store that will allow you to take sample quizzes and watch informative videos and tutorials. You can also pick up this pamphlet at any DMV field office or view it online at www.dmv.ca.gov.

The DMV recognizes that drivers may appreciate additional assistance. That is why we also developed guides specifically designed for teenagers and seniors.

First time on the road

Teen drivers tend to be high-risk drivers. They receive more traffic tickets and are hurt and killed at a higher rate than other drivers. To decrease motor vehicle collisions, a special provisional driver license and instruction permit is issued to drivers under the age of 18. 

To assist parents or guardians in keeping their teens safe, we developed an interactive Parent-Teen Training Guide. The guide explains the requirements needed to obtain a provisional driver license and the provisions teens must follow in order to keep their license. The guide also contains a parent/teen contract that lists driving responsibilities to which everyone agrees to adhere.

Drivers with more mileage

As we get older, the reality is that we all face decline in our physical, visual or mental abilities. The DMV understands that mobility matters and therefore works with senior drivers, their loved ones and caretakers to help them recognize, understand and adapt to these unavoidable physical changes.

The Senior Guide for Safe Driving contains self-assessment tools and resources to better manage personal safety and the safety of others.  

In addition, we created the Senior Driver Ombudsman Program, which is staffed by four trained professionals who are ready to assist seniors in their golden years. These trained professionals are located throughout the state. You can locate one near you by visiting the DMV website, and learn more about this valuable program by viewing this video.

All drivers should remember that with the privilege of driving comes responsibility, which means keeping your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road and avoiding distracted driving.  Take advantage of the many educational resources designed to make your travels safe and enjoyable, be courteous and drive friendly.

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