LGBTQ+ Empowerment
Frankie Grande On Letting Your Rainbow Flag Fly High
The performer, reality star, and LGBTQ advocate explains his love-hate relationship with social media, and how he’s fighting homophobic bullying on all fronts.
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LGBTQ+ Empowerment
An “Ellen” Star Looks Ahead to a TV Career Beyond the Hit Show
Kalen Allen is known best for his field assignments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he gained fame for his laugh-out-loud OMKalen segment.
LGBTQ+ Empowerment
How Celebrity Stylist Kyle De’Volle Overcame Hardships and Is Inspiring Others in the LGBTQ+ Community
Whether he’s wearing lingerie, jeans, or a business suit, celebrity stylist and designer Kyle De’Volle is comfortable in his own skin.