mel d cole-photography-protests-soccer
Celebrating Black History
Mel D. Cole Created the Most Iconic Hip-Hop Photos Out There, but He Has Many Other Stories to Tell
Mel D. Cole has been documenting hip-hop culture, concerts, and nightlife — along with other subjects — in visceral, intensely-angled photos for over two decades now.
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therapy dog-magnus the therapy dog-palliative care
Pet Wellness
How Magnus the Therapy Dog Is Bringing Joy to Those in Need
Magnus the Therapy Dog is a yellow labrador retriever with about 3.5 million followers across TikTok and Instagram, making him one of the world's most famous therapy dogs. Originally bred to be a service dog for the blind, he had a doggie career change to being more of an emotional support animal and therapy dog. 
victor glover-astronaut-ncaa-black astronaut-overview effect
Celebrating Black History
The Power to Unite: An Astronaut’s Vision
The first Black astronaut to serve a long duration mission aboard the International Space Station offers a message for humanity.