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Outside of breakdowns, which plague many of today’s top-selling automobile manufacturers, there are also several trends which makes it even more important to have vehicle service protection.

Vehicle protection

Americans are holding onto automobiles longer. A combination of rising car prices and auto loan interest rates has made purchasing a new car more expensive than ever. With new car prices up as much as 4 percent in 2019 vs. prior periods, combined with loan interest rates which have been as high as 6 percent, auto owners have chosen to forego purchasing new cars or extended their terms to 60 months or more. 

Fewer new car purchases mean older cars are on the road longer, and auto owners face more frequent breakdowns at higher mileage. An extended car warranty provides vehicle protection after the manufacturer’s warranty expires and can be customized to deliver an affordable a level of protection. 

Covering breakdowns

Cars are becoming increasingly complex. Modern automobiles are complicated to service because most include on-board sensors and computers to monitor performance and keep drivers safe. More sophisticated technology has led to thousands of component parts that are subject to failure, many of which are costly to replace and require specially trained technicians to perform the repair. 

Today, most mechanical issues trigger a check engine light error which requires a trip to the repair shop just for diagnostics. Auto repairs are not as simple as they once were, so an extended auto warranty can provide peace of mind and cover expensive repairs that can total thousands in parts and labor. Endurance, the leading direct administrator of vehicle protection, has relationships with licensed mechanics nationwide to get you back on the road in the case of a breakdown. 

We’re more reliant upon our cars than ever. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, we’re driving a record-setting number of highway miles — traveling as many as 3 trillion miles per year. As communities expand and we travel across the country for leisure and work, our reliance on our automobiles has never been greater. 

Being prepared for an unexpected breakdown is essential for drivers whose livelihood depends heavily on their vehicle, or for those who are making long trips. Leading vehicle protection, including coverage from Endurance, offers 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, and rental care coverage with every plan. Plus, if you’re on a long trip, Endurance includes trip interruption with reimbursement for hotel and food while your car is repaired.

Protect yourself from unexpected and costly repairs. With the cost to own an automobile on the rise, combined with our daily dependence on personal transportation, now is the time to gain peace of mind. 
Invest in vehicle protection now to save thousands in expenses later. Call 1-866-918-1438 to learn about coverage options, or visit today for a free quote. Mention USA Today when you call to receive a special discount and save hundreds off your protection plan.

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