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5 Steps on the Journey to Body Empowerment

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Take it from the pros: The journey to body empowerment can start for anyone at any time. Kelsey Wells never exercised much as an adult — until she became a mother. 

“Pregnancy and delivery were extremely hard on me mentally and physically, and I knew I needed to make a change,” Kelsey says. 

Now she’s an expert on post-pregnancy fitness and creator of the PWR strength training method.

Kayla Itsines, on the other hand, was a high school athlete and knew from an early age that she wanted a career in the health and fitness industry. Today Kelsey is known for her Bikini Body Guide (BBG) Stronger program. 

Though they started in different places, Kelsey and Kayla have similar advice about how any woman — no matter where she is in her life — can get healthy and feel beautiful. Here are their top tips: 

  1. Love yourself: “Stop body shaming, stop comparing your body to others, stop determining your value by your dress size!” says Kayla. Kelsey agrees, “If you are exercising or crash dieting to change yourself because you hate what you see, it’s not going to be as gratifying as if you appreciate your body and see it for what it truly is, which is beautiful.” 
  2. Details matter: “Technique is everything. Without it, you risk injuring yourself,” says Kelsey. “You’re much better off using good technique and a lighter weight than to push yourself using poor form.” 
  3. Personalize your workout: “Everyone has different needs,” says Kelsey. This is why she and Kayla both offer variations to their workout moves, “to ensure users progress safely and build up their strength and experience accordingly,” says Kayla.
  4. Warm it up, cool it off: “Warming up helps to ‘wake up’ your muscles, which prepares your body for more vigorous activity,” says Kayla. “Stretching after your workout helps promote recovery and improve flexibility, which are important in avoiding injury.”
  5. One day at a time: “Remember to celebrate the little victories,” says Kelsey. “Be proud of yourself for making it to the gym or squeezing in your at-home workout. Find a balance that works for you and utilize your time.” 

Jennifer DeMeritt, [email protected]

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