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As the fashion industry moves to become more inclusive of all body types, guidance, innovation and a commitment to promoting confidence must lead the way.

“Our mission is to make every woman feel sexy, confident and amazing through perfectly-fitting jeans,” says Lisa Collier, CEO & President at NYDJ, a denim developer. “Our DNA is rooted in fit, comfort and style, and we believe that jeans should make you look good and feel great, both physically and emotionally. That is a critical part of who we are as a brand. We are fit experts.”

A brand by women, for women, they want to empower women every day through offering “the perfect fit.”

Confidence always fits

Through a recent national ad campaign called Fit is Everything, the company got to express their “perfect fit” expertise. The ads featured real women who were casted and photographed on the spot after they tried on their denim for the first time. The compilations of these genuine reactions — joy, appreciation, astonishment, happiness, comfort — became a single video showing the power of a denim that’s made to fit and flatter every woman.

So, what exactly is the connection between proper-fitting denim and confidence? There’s a transformative power with fit, and a “great denim day” has the ability to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

“When you know you look great, you feel confident, like you can accomplish anything,” says Lisa. “We think about the need for both physical and emotional comfort when we design because we know that fit can create a powerful feeling of confidence. We hear from customers all the time that when they wear our denim, they walk a little taller, they smile a little brighter and they feel amazing.”

The science of fit

There can’t be any talking about “the perfect fit” without also discussing technological development. “NYDJ pioneered premium slimming denim and started a flattering revolution,” Lisa says about their initial denim innovation. “All our jeans have slimming lift-tuck technology, which lifts to contour curves in the back and tucks to flatten in the front. It’s the secret behind our original slimming fit that makes her look a size smaller and feel amazing.”

Today, innovation remains central to their brand DNA. “For example,” Lisa says, “our ‘cool embrace denim,’ features COOLMAX technology — borrowed from high-performance athletic wear — that whisks away moisture from your skin to keep you feeling cool and comfortable in the warm spring and summer months.”

An industry to fit you

“The NYDJ woman leads a busy life, both professionally and personally,” explains Lisa. “She is warm, vital and confident. She’s us on our best day. She’s the woman you know, love and want to catch up with over a glass of wine. She loves current style, but she won’t sacrifice comfort. That’s why we design jeans with the perfect amount of stretch and incredible recovery so that our consumer has the best fit possible. Inclusive sizing is also important. [Our sizes range] from 00 petite to 24, including tall lengths and maternity, so that we can fit and flatter most women and create an experience that feels like her jeans were custom-made for her.”

The fashion industry as a whole is on its way to becoming more inclusive for women of all ages, body types and ethnicities. All women want to see themselves reflected in advertisements and feel at home in their fashion.

Adam Sass, [email protected]

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