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A Sweet Way to Reduce Sugar From Your Family’s Diet — That’s Also Better for the Planet

Photo: Courtesy of Sara Johnston

Now more than ever, millions of people struggle to reduce the amount of added sugar that they, and their families, consume daily in an effort to maintain a healthy weight, a strong immune system, or as part of a necessary pre-diabetic or diabetic diet plan.

We’ve also become increasingly aware of the long-lasting effects added sugars may have on the health and wellness of young children. Not to mention, traditional sugars and sweeteners are produced with petroleum-dependent manufacturing processes and bleaching agents, with byproducts dangerous for people and the earth.

What if there was a way for health-conscious families and individuals to satisfy their sweet tooth with a natural, zero-calorie option that still tastes like sugar? What if there was an all-natural sugar alternative that depends entirely on natural processes, meaning virtually zero waste and no toxic health risks?

Purecane™ is an all-natural sweetener that’s actually made from sugarcane, grown sustainably in Brazil, requiring only one-tenth the agricultural acreage of other leading natural leaf products. Growers use existing farmland far from the Amazon rainforest — meaning there is no deforestation or adverse environmental changes introduced. Purecane products are also zero-glycemic (Packets and Spoonable Family Canister), low-glycemic (Baking Sweetener), non-GMO, vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, halal, and kosher.

Purecane is also a proud sponsor of the virtual 2020 Wine Country Tour de Cure, an annual signature event for the American Diabetes Association, which raises millions of dollars for diabetes research, education, and advocacy initiatives.

To learn more about Purecane, visit To sign up for the Tour de Cure, visit

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