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Actress Shanola Hampton Talks About Feeding America

Though her role in Shameless precedes her, Shanola Hampton is also a partner of Feeding America. We talked to her about her important advocacy.

As a partner of Feeding America, what should our audience know regarding the current hunger crisis?

During this pandemic, more than 50 million people lost their jobs. Food banks are serving food to more people in need than ever before including our homeless, underserved communities, and the millions who are without employment.

What inspired you to become a partner of Feeding America?

I went to volunteer one weekday morning. As I was driving up, I saw the line wrapped around the building. Putting faces and bodies to the statistics of people struggling to put food on the table made it personal. I knew I wanted to do more. It’s truly an honor to partner with Feeding America.

Shanola, you utilize your platform for such good. How can others take part in helping the hungry?

It is so easy to do something. Feeding America has GoFundMe pages set up. They also have calendars so you can choose a day to be hands-on and volunteer. I strongly recommend getting the experience of serving others.

Why is receiving the proper nutrition so important?

It is so important for a human being’s health to receive the proper nutrition. We have to give our body the nutrients it needs to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, to give us energy, and to be our most productive selves.

Who inspires you most in life and in partnering with such incredible organizations such as Feeding America?

I’ve been inspired most in life by my late mother. Watching her give effortlessly and without the need for recognition or praise inspired me my entire life. She has always been the driving force for giving to others, even when she was sick herself.

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