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Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee with Tips from the Experts

Photo: Courtesy of Joshua Ness

The coffee masters at Bonavita reveal the best techniques to help you make coffee like a professional with these easy steps.

1. Choose a method that fits your preferences

Whether you pick the convenience of an automatic brewer or the artisanal methods of pour-over or French press with a kettle, select the tools that are the best.  In an automatic coffee brewer­­, l Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certification and the Golden Cup Standard are two indicators of excellent quality.

2. Find the perfect grind to preserve freshness and quality

Try to use coffee that was roasted in the last 30 days and store in an airtight container in a dark cabinet. Grind your coffee right before brewing, aiming for a medium/coarse setting–similar in consistency to ground salt–for the best results.

3. Maintain the proper coffee-to-water ratio 

Applying the same ratio of water to coffee grounds each time you brew will result in a more consistent cup of coffee. Since different roasts have different weights, using a scale to weigh your coffee is the best method.

If you don’t have a scale, measuring out your coffee in tablespoons is a good alternative.  With an automatic brew method for a 5 ounce cup of coffee, follow this ratio and adjust to your taste: For 8 Cups of water, use 56-72 grams of coffee (approximately 16 tablespoons ground).

4. Use high-quality water

An average cup of coffee is over 98 percent water. Brewing with fresh, filtered water whenever possible helps minimize the scale build-up in your brewer, which will help you brew your best.

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