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Chef Jessica Randhawa Explains Why Bad Breakfast is Unhealthy

Photo: Courtesy of Providence Doucet on Unsplash

Studies show kids who eat breakfast have better school attendance, higher test scores and are less likely to have behavioral and disciplinary problems.

Jessica Randhawa, head chef and owner of The Forked Spoon blog says kids need nutrients at breakfast to help them mentally and physically.

“One of the most compelling reasons to eat a healthy breakfast is for increased concentration in the morning,” she says.

Read on as Randhawa shares tips on how healthy eating can help kids start the day the right way.

Jessica Randhawa

Head Chef and Owner, The Forked Spoon

How can a healthy breakfast help kids perform their best at school?  

As breakfast is the first meal of the day to break the night’s fast, it is essential to hydrate properly and get the best possible nutrition right away. Countless studies show how important proper nutrition is for focus, comprehension, learning, and memory.

The science has been conclusive for years on the benefits of not only eating breakfast but making sure it’s as healthy as possible. And as parents, how could we not want the best for our children?

What breakfast mistakes should be avoided?

Stop buying packaged goods with high amounts of sugar and salt that are also lacking fiber. These packaged foods are a sure way to reduce one’s overall health. They add up over time, especially if you get into the grab-and-go mentality for convenience.

What are the biggest challenges to planning a healthy breakfast? How can parents plan ahead to make sure their kids have a nutritious start to their day?

One of the biggest challenges of planning a healthy breakfast is how much time you have in the morning. The quickest recipes usually involve a blender! I like making a healthy Smoothie Bowl if I have a few minutes to sit down and enjoy. Or, I make a quick Green Smoothie to go in five minutes.

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