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“Iron Chef” Cat Cora Recommends Foods for Families On the Go

Photo: Courtesy of Cat Cora

What is your daily breakfast routine for you and your kids?

I love making a hot breakfast for the kids every day when I can. Once the kids are up and showered and dressed, we make biscuits, bagels, eggs, granola and blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit or healthy smoothies. I usually opt for an egg white omelet or green smoothie with protein. 

Do you prepare something different every morning or stay consistent for time’s sake?

I try to mix it up with something different most days, and sometimes the kids love the same thing a couple of days in a row. One days it could be eggs, or maybe I treat them to a crepe or cinnamon rolls. But I definitely like to make sure we have a protein-packed breakfast for energy throughout the morning. 

What snacks/foods do you recommend for families on-the-go in the morning?

Smoothies are fast and full of great nutrients and added proteins.  Leafy greens like kale or spinach with berries or mango can be a perfect start to the morning. For savory snacks, we love crackers with light cream cheese and sliced fruit like nectarines and plums. Bananas or apples with almond butter are also great.

What are some of the breakfast essentials you include in prepping every day?

I include eggs, avocado, fresh fruit, delicious grain toast, english muffins, yogurt, light cream cheese, smoothies or refreshing and healthy drinks

Are you a fan of eating organic foods or incorporating vegan products in your morning diet?

Yes, we are big fans of organic and all-natural foods, and we definitely eat vegan to mix it up.

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