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The Foodgod, Jonathan Cheban, Shares How He Got His Name

The self-proclaimed Foodgod (real name: Jonathan Cheban) revels in eating great food and sharing amazing meals with his social media followers.

What started your journey and love for food?

Food has always been my thing. I eat all day. I love to eat. I have always loved food. I started sharing food pics before it was the “in” thing to do. I also like sharing my special taste buds with others. I know when something is good; I want my friends and followers to experience it.

What is the absolute best meal you have had in your life?  

Anything with my new Truffle Ketchup.


How did you get inspired to rename yourself ”Foodgod”?

While at dinner one night, I was busy taking food pics and talking about what to order when my friend said, “You know what you are, you are a Foodgod.” I wasn’t sure about the name, but it was confirmed while traveling to Iceland with Kim and Kanye. We found ourselves in the middle of a mob scene at a food court at the airport. All of a sudden, I hear Kanye shout “Hey, Foodgod! Can you get me a Diet Coke?” And that was it. I always say he christened it. 


Relating back to the theme of this campaign, how do you balance your lifestyle while trying to eat well?

My lifestyle is food, so balancing what I eat is a must. It’s important for me to eat something in the morning or I get hangry. I like to have a good breakfast even if it is fast. Sometimes I will grab something from the local restaurant around the corner. A favorite breakfast of mine is Huevos Rancheros. 

Throughout the day, a smoothie and small meals work for me but I always have a Foodgod dinner. 


Do you think social media has allowed food lovers to flourish

Yes, of course. My five million followers see me as the new food connoisseur. People don’t look at restaurant critics anymore; that is very dated. They look on my social media to see what is hot and what to eat. They want things that are original. Food needs to be outrageous and outlandish; otherwise, don’t eat it.

What is your favorite way to share new eats? 

Always through my social media following.

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