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How to Eat Like a Supermodel: Heidi Klum Talks Breakfast at Her House

Photos: Courtesy of Max Montgomery and Rankin for Lidl

“It’s great to be able to show kids what goes into their meals and the importance of eating healthy,” says Heidi Klum. “From an early age, we spoke about what foods are good for you and which are not.”

Early birds

With four children and a busy filming schedule — judging “America’s Got Talent” and hosting “Project Runway” – Klum is a master of managing her time. Her first priority in the morning is breakfast with the whole family.

“We’re early risers in our house. I’m making breakfast while the kids are all getting ready for school. At 7 a.m. we sit down and have breakfast as a family. Knowing that they’re going to be busy at school all day, I always make sure that they start off with a hearty breakfast.”

Homegrown and healthy

Whether it’s pancakes, eggs, smoothies or oatmeal, Klum’s goal is keeping her children full and healthy. “I always try to include fresh fruit and vegetables in all of our meals,” she says. “I am also not a believer in fat-free anything. I believe eating a little bit everything does the trick. I try to stay away from most processed foods and make most of our dishes from scratch.” Heidi and her kids pluck fresh fruits and vegetables from their backyard garden.

Heidi grew in a suburb of Cologne, Germany. While she often ate traditional German breakfast — black bread topped with cold cuts, cheeses or spreads — she confessed a love for cereal. “Sometimes we would buy some cornflakes,” she says. “I loved pouring sugar on my cornflakes and then adding the milk.”

Most important meal of the day

“When they were really little, I gave each kid a quarter for drinking their smoothie for their piggy bank,” says Klum. “They are pretty good about eating and they know what there is no way around not eating their meals.”

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