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Safety in Numbers: What Statistics Say About Home Security

Calculating the value of a home security system can be a little tricky. While FBI statistics indicate that home break-ins are the most common threat to American homes, it’s not always clear why that’s the case or what homeowners can do about it. Luckily, just by considering the following burglary statistics and industry insights, you’ll be well on your way to making an informed decision.

Worth the investment

Taking a closer look at a few hard numbers from across America can clear up just how much of a threat burglary poses. To start with, burglaries happen more often than you might think—1 about every 15 seconds in the U.S., adding up to around 2 million burglaries a year.

Burglars generally work pretty fast. In about a minute, a thief can slip into your home and snatch your valuables. Couple that with the fact that only 13 percent of burglaries are actually solved, and you can start to see why a home security system might be worth it.

But, do home security systems actually prevent residential burglaries? Let’s look at some more numbers.

A scare tactic

A recent University of North Carolina study found that the majority of burglars admitted to immediately fleeing a home when it had a security system or when an alarm sounded. Likewise, homes with security systems are three times less likely to be burglarized. And if that isn’t enough hard evidence, home security systems featuring motion-active video cameras may capture burglars in the act, and have the added benefit of deterring potential thieves.

For a lot of folks, the question isn’t how much safer is a home with a security system, but rather, how much is a quality system going to cost. Not only does the typical home security system cost less than the average burglary, it may reduce your homeowners insurance deductible up to 20 percent—saving you money in the long run.

Most major home security providers feature a variety of packages for almost any budget, shoestring or otherwise. And for savvy, self-motivated folks, there exists a trove of online resources dedicated to helping you create your own DIY home security set up. But perhaps more important than saving cash is the priceless benefit of not having to worry about your family’s safety or the security of your home.

Elli Bishop, [email protected]

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