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A new collaborative app is helping parents and caregivers use research-based methods to effectively and positively respond to challenging behavior in children ages 3-12.

The Amira app helps foster kids’ skill-building and creates more meaningful and positive interactions for the whole family.

“Parenting is hard,” says Lori Leitgeb, Amira’s founder and CEO. “It’s work. Behavior change takes work.”

Early in her career, Leitgeb worked with a research team on intervention strategies for children with ADHD. She implemented those strategies years later when she became a parent.

Behavior changes

While reward charts are often used to motivate kids to behave well, Leitgeb noticed something was missing — the interaction between parents and children. The solution was Amira. 

The easy-to-use, subscription-based app helps parents address their child’s behavior consistently, clearly, and positively. Features include in-app coaching and adjustable goal charts for each child. What’s more, one subscription can be used by all members of the family, including guardians, caregivers, and teachers. 

Amira sends customizable reminders to parents to help them stay focused. Kids earn personalized privileges for good behavior. For example, a reward could be to choose music in the car, or to buy lunch at school. 

The app helps users manage their parenting triggers too, such as when children use disrespectful words or bicker with siblings. “We give parents our scripts to say when there’s some sort of a violation of an expectation,” says Leitgeb, noting the scripts help parents feel more in control and consistent when interacting.

The app is available for both Android and iOS. Download Amira and try it free: amiraparenting.com

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