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Forty-seven percent of parents think their children are addicted to their devices. Now’s the time for parents to monitor and limit kids’ screen use. One tech solution makes parental control easy.

Kids are high-tech these days — 42 percent have their own tablet — and a consumer tech survey says 86 million prospective shoppers plan to buy technology for a child, ages 6 to 17, this holiday season. 

“Many parents are interested in managing their family’s overall screen time and access to online content,” says Tiebing Zhang, CTO and co-founder of Circle, a hardware and software company that delivers screen time management and parental control solutions to families.

He says parents are concerned with their kids’ addiction to devices and the amount of time spent on them, as well as the impact these habits have on children’s physical activity levels and eyesight.

Enter Circle Home Plus, a comprehensive in and out-of-home parental control solution, which allows families to manage every Wi-Fi and mobile device anywhere they go.  

The award-winning device and app combo, which retails for $129 and comes with a one-year subscription, allows parents to block content, set time limits and keep track of all devices, including cell phones, laptops, tablets and more. Parents set the parameters such as filtering content by age or by individual app or website. Circle can tell parents how long kids were using devices and show the history of sites visited. 

Time limits can be set for each family member and an alert will go off when time is up. The tech helps families keep kids safe and balances digital time with family time.

“Parents ultimately know the best choices to make for their children and Circle is here to help guide constructive family conversations about screen time habits,” says Zhang. 

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