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This Smart Security Tech Can Help You Have a Safe Holiday Season

Photo: Courtesy of Brytny.com on Unsplash

Before you add safety stress to your holiday list, check out these smart security helpers that keep your little ones out of the danger zone.

See them when they’re sleeping

Take a note from Santa and keep your eye on the holiday hustle and bustle with a security camera. You’ll always be watching with a smart indoor camera that comes with two-way talk, motion detection, and video alerts. Even if you’re holed up wrapping gifts, cameras help you keep an eye on your tots and warn them to back away from the fireplace or any other holiday hazard.

Outdoor cameras can give you early warnings for things like slippery sidewalks — keep an eye on the snow from a cozy perch and know when to clear walkways before guests pop by. Best of all, you can pick up a smart security camera with all the bells and whistles for around $50.

Follow the stars (or at least the twinkle of holiday lights)

Save on energy and minimize fire risk with a smart plug. These little gadgets convert any outlet in your house into a smart one. That means you don’t have to worry if you left the lights twinkling when you ran out to do some last-minute shopping. With smart plugs, you can turn off the lights no matter where you are.

Keep everyone but santa out

The holidays are prime pickings for burglars. Make sure the only elf sneaking into your home is the big man from up north. Adding a home security system with 24/7 professional monitoring gives you extra peace of mind whether you’ve got visions of sugarplums dancing in your head or you’re off at a holiday party. 

DIY security systems that you install yourself are affordable, and many of them come with optional monitoring. That means you don’t have to get stuck in a contract to have extra security at home over the holidays. 

A stress-free season

All it takes is a few smart devices to transform holiday stress into holiday safety. Take advantage of security and smart home tech to add some extra comfort during this magical (and hectic) time of year.

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